Setting up an AI Chat like ChatGPT

Setting up an AI Chat like ChatGPT for Your Company

Duration: 6-8 hours

Industry: Information Technology


Setting up an AI Chat like ChatGPT course is designed to be accessible to beginners, so advanced technical or programming experience is not required. However, familiarity and experience with low code/no code platforms and block builder drag and drop are highly recommended to attain before taking the course.


Course Objectives

The course aims to equip no-code/low-code users with the knowledge and hands-on experience to successfully set up and deploy an AI chatbot like ChatGPT for their companies.

Course Outline

1.1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
1.2. The Role of AI in Business
1.3. Overview of Chatbots and AI Chat Technologies
1.4. ChatGPT - Understanding the Concept and Benefits
1.5. Case Studies of Successful AI Chat Adoption in Companies

2.1. Defining Business Objectives and Chatbot Goals
2.2. Identifying Key Use Cases (Customer Support, Sales, HR, Marketing)
2.3. Selecting Chatbot Features and Functionality
2.4. Determining the Chatbot's Scope and Responsibility

3.1. Overview of No-code/Low-code Platforms
3.2. Comparative Analysis of Popular Platforms
3.3. Selecting the Right Platform for Your Needs
3.4. Customizing Chatbot Templates

4.1. Understanding the Training Process & Dataset Requirements
4.2. Data Collection and Preparation
4.3. Training Your AI Chatbot for Domain-specific Knowledge
4.4. Training Methodologies: Fine-tuning, Embeddings and Prompt Injection
4.5. Working with Prebuilt Models & Integrating APIs

5.1. Design Considerations for Chatbot Interfaces: Does UX/UI matter?
5.2. Integration with Existing Business Systems (CRM, CMS, Office, Google)
5.3. Deployment across Communication Channels (Website, Messaging Apps, etc.)

6.1. Best Practices in Chatbot Management
6.2. Regular Monitoring and Evaluation
6.3. Addressing Data Security and Privacy Concerns
6.4. Learning From User Interactions and Feedback
6.5. Scaling and Enhancing Your AI Chatbot over Time

7.1 Solve a business problem in real-time with AI.