How to become an AWS solutions architect


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is making giant strides in the cloud computing market. As more and more organizations transition to the cloud, there is an increase in the demand for AWS solutions architects. Architecting on AWS is a lucrative opportunity to leverage market demand and channel your IT skills towards high-paying roles. If you are an IT professional working towards career advancement, this is your chance to shift gears and take it to the next level.

No matter where you are in your IT journey, here’s how you can become a certified AWS Solutions Architect. 

First! What do Solutions Architects do?

A solutions architect designs business applications as well as relevant infrastructure in the cloud. This professional:

  • Creates cloud solutions for achieving business objectives. 
  • Designs advanced cloud-based solutions for hosting workloads on the cloud.
  • Monitors and manages software and application downtime risks, security breaches and circulation errors.
  • Leverages Amazon’s best practices for planning, designing, implementing and scaling AWS cloud.

How to get started?

Get certified!

The IT industry has shown a great degree of resilience against today’s uncertain circumstances. If you’re at the beginning of your career and/or want to get your architecting skills in top form, pursue an organized course.  In order to better position yourselves in the job market, you ought to seek formal training and learn the craft. There are many digital platforms for learners, offering excellent certification courses in AWS architecting. An ideal learning platform will prepare you for associated examinations, and inject necessary job skills and increase your employability so you can stand out as a qualified candidate.

Prerequisites to have before you enroll for architecting on AWS course:

  • Knowledge about general networking terms and concepts
  • Practical knowledge pertaining to multi-tier architectures
  • Knowledge of cloud computing concepts
  • You can assess your skills in AWS Technical Essentials, the beginner course in the AWS training path.

Architecting on AWS

P2L has partnered up with Amazon Web Services to create the perfect AWS architecting course for current and/or aspiring solutions architects. 

The course focuses on the following skills:

  • Learn how to optimize and manage the use of the AWS Cloud.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of AWS services and how they enable cloud-based solutions. 
  • Learn about the best practices to work with AWS cloud.
  • Learn how to incubate and execute the architecting process of optimal IT solutions through the use of  WS-recommended design patterns. 
  • Read and analyze case studies throughout the course to see how successful AWS clients designed their digital infrastructure and how they implemented their strategies and services.

Related Certifications

The follow-up course to Architecting on AWS is the AWS CERTIFIED SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT – ASSOCIATE.

What’s more, is that you have various options in learning formats like instructor-led training and virtual classrooms, so you can pick what fits your learning preferences. Continue on your AWS learning roadmap with these certifications:

 After passing any certification, it is best to test your new skills and take on a few industry projects. You can volunteer or work on independent projects to solidify your learning and add to your portfolio. This will not only help you become more confident as an AWS architect but also strengthen your candidacy for in-demand job roles.

What Other Skills are required for AWS Architect Jobs?

Besides certification, there are some other skills you will need to be successful in this job role:

  1. Client communications and inter-organizational communication require strong interpersonal skills.
  2. Ability to constantly assess and address organizational needs while designing solutions.
  3. Flexibility and adaptability when meetings run long and/or things go wrong
  4. Excellent planning skills, as well as task prioritization as the role, are primarily task-based.
  5. Like any other IT professional, the ability to constantly update your knowledge as the technology evolves. Keep up to date with AWS trends , research new developments, and stay in the loop to not miss important changes.

Ready to begin?

The surging popularity of AWS cloud solutions is creating lots of job opportunities for technical and non-technical professionals. AWS is a great pathway to further your IT career by choosing to acquire comprehensive training right at the foundational level. So, carve out your career plan and begin your journey towards cloud expertise.