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Unconscious Bias

Duration: 3 hour(with pre-work)

Industry: Leadership Development

Location : Virtual

Language : English

About this course

The first step in adopting an inclusive mindset is to understand and combat your own personal, unconscious bias so you can lead, and be a part of, an inclusive team. In this program, learners build critical self-awareness by uncovering potential blind bias, learn practical, easy-to-apply tools that combat bias, and create an action plan to sustain bias awareness across the organization.

Unconscious biases refer to beliefs or prejudices that we may hold in favor of or against certain individuals or groups outside of our awareness. People are naturally biased. Even when we mean to be fair, our brains can remain impartial. Since we process a lot of information everyday consciously and unconsciously, we make mental shortcuts. This allows us to process information quicker.

In order to tackle unconscious bias in the workplace, asses where biases are likely to affect your company. Biases happen when hiring, promoting and assigning work. By knowing where it can occur, you can make sure biases are thought of before making decisions in those areas. Hold your employees accountable and encourage them to speak as well. Involve more people when making decisions.

P2L’s unconscious biases course will teach attendees to unlearn their hidden prejudices in an effort to create a harmonious work environment.

For more information about unconscious bias, please refer to this blog post from P2L, as well as this post.

What Will You Accomplish?

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:
• Determine the role and value of inclusion at your organization.
• Evaluate the impact of bias at the individual, team, and organizational level.
• Increase self-awareness of bias within yourself and how you experience bias.
• Implement tools to address bias through practice and long-term learning enablement.

Who is this course for?

To adapt to changing times, we must embrace change. Similarly, for organizations to achieve utmost success, they need to be progressive and forward-looking. Inclusive leaders are thought leaders who are also promoters of a diverse workplace. They make sure to be inclusive in their thoughts and actions. They aim at a better overall performance by advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Inclusive leadership promotes workplaces that are free of judgment and are open and trusting. If you’re looking for a course that takes you diversity, equity and inclusion then this is exactly the course for you.