Explore The Power Of Strong Presentation Skills - a woman wearing a grey top is standing in front of three people who are listening to her

Presentation Skills

Duration: 1 day

Industry: Leadership Development

Location : In-Person

Language : English

About this course

What is presentation skills course all about?

Powerful presentation skills increase a person’s ability to educate and inform audiences. Ideas, products, and concepts must be presented succinctly and compellingly. This course, specifically designed for people looking to influence or inspire, teaches a presenter to develop and deliver a clear, concise message that will quickly and effectively gain the attention of the audience.

What are presentation skills?

Presentation skills are the skills one needs to create and deliver engaging presentations to a variety of audiences. These skills include components such as the design of your slides, the theme of your presentation, the content on your slides, the tone of your voice, and the body language you convey.

Why are presentation skills important?

  • To enhance communication skills: Good communication skills are an asset to every employee. These can be developed by jumping on to every opportunity to deliver a presentation in front of a large group. Great presenters can communicate clearly to an audience and bring those same great communication skills to the workplace.
  • To lead to individual success: Presentation skills help employees sell their ideas and themselves. Employees who have good presentation skills and clarity of thought are more likely to be chosen to work on bigger projects, thus advancing their career growth.
  • To help in time management: Anyone who takes up the task of presenting a project gets good at managing his/her time well. Given that they have limited time to convey their idea and concept of the project to the client, they tend to master time management skills.
  • To connect with people: Presenters often build connections when they go to meetings. The way they talk and build a rapport with their audience is what makes them connect well with their audience.

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What Will You Accomplish?

In this course you will learn : 

  • Identify the benefits of a powerful presentation
  • Create an opening that will capture the audience attention
  • Apply a five-step process for preparing a powerful presentation
  • Utilize techniques to add variety, interest, and emphasis
  • Manage nervousness
  • Discuss the power of visual, verbal, and vocal skills
  • Use visual aids effectively (handouts, charts, PowerPoint slides)
  • Encourage audience participation
  • Manage difficult questions and audience members

Who is this course for?

A good speaker cracks the deal. Having strong presentation skills helps not only in individual success but also in overall business success. Good speakers make sure they have their audience’s attention all to themselves and make sure they leave an impression. If you’re someone who is struggling with stage fright, nervousness, or presentation skills, this course is exactly what you need to upskill yourself.