Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

Duration: 2 days

Industry: Leadership Development

Location : In-Person

Language : English

About this course

Leadership is a relationship between leaders and followers. It, like all relationships, is a somewhat fragile condition and needs to be carefully, constantly cultivated. Yet too many leaders hone prescriptive behaviors outside the context of their followers, emulating celebrity CEOs and bosses they admire. They try to be people they aren’t and as a result, they often fail. If they fail, your organization will, too.

The Leadership Role

Successful leaders know how to modify their behavior in response to the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter – while simultaneously remaining true to who they are. Hence, they produce results by being crystal clear on their unique differentiators and by addressing the four critical needs of their followers:

  • Community
  • Authenticity
  • Significance
  • Excitement

All in all, Successful leaders can answer the question “Why should anyone be led by you?” with confidence.

Understanding Leadership

Leadership is what directs a company and its employees. Strong leadership often results in maximized productivity and timely achievement of business goals. On the other hand, weak leadership can damage productivity and cause a lot of harm to an organization.

Key Roles Of Effective Leadership

  • Coordination
  • Delegation
  • Motivation
  • Initiation of action
  • Decision-making
  • Morale-boosting
  • Guidance 

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What Will You Accomplish?

In this course you will learn : 

  • Assess the needs of their followers and modify their leadership approach appropriately
  • Deploy their personal values, strengths and even weaknesses to maximize their effectiveness as leaders
  • Understand and integrate inherent tensions of leadership
  • Size up situations and adapt their leadership behavior without losing their unique differentiators to drive results
  • Build a thriving community of aligned, engaged team members
  • Communicate more effectively by considering not only their authentic point of view but also considering their followers’ readiness for change
  • Tap into a peer leadership community and expand their influence beyond their teams

Who is this course for?

P2L offers a two-day course called Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? 2 Day Course for High Potential Leaders and Senior Leader to help them learn and execute effective leadership in their organizations.