Leadership Games for Business

Companies need to keep up with the latest technology and new ways of corporate training to beat the competition. Gamification has acquired a lot of interest in the last few years for job training, attracting new talent, and even advertising. Let's discuss gamification for your business today.

Four people are in a meeting room and there is a computer screen in front of them showing a game. Two people on the left are looking at the game on the screen, one person is playing, and beside him is a lady drinking coffee.

Games For Teams

A company that plays learning games together, stays together. Let's create a corporate training that is fun and highly engaging.

Two men are seated side by side. They are both in front of their computer. They are fist bumping and happy.

Leadership games

Want to upskill your employees? Think they could use a little motivation? Why not let them take a course with the help of gamification. We teach your employees the skills that they need to perform their role better in a fun and engaging way.

Make a custom game

We developed our very own game Elite Commander. The aim of this game is to teach the players valuable lessons on different leadership styles, how to effectively work with your team, and the importance of unity in the workplace. There are four characters in the game and you can customize the dialogues to teach exactly what you want your teams to learn. You can make a unique and relevant learning experience that is fun for your organization.

Michael is the ultimate professional. He uses training in the context of company performance that ties it to revenue and opportunity, so training is not just checking a box to meet a requirement, it becomes a strategic tool in achieving quarterly and annual business goals that are directly tied to revenue and profit.

- Leslie Babel

Team BFS recently participated in a Digital Marketing Training Course facilitated by P2L. Our past experience in this space was weak. P2L educated us with the knowledge and power of digital marketing, helping us understand the best platforms for our business. Within a few weeks we had the training to better market our business in the 21st Century! I recommend P2L to any organization that wants to strengthen their greatest asset--their employees.

-Nick Brown