Blueprint the learning journeys of employees from candidate or current employee to success in their evolving roles.

Step 1: Assess the Candidate or Employee

Step 2: Perform an Employee skill gap analysis

Step 3: Prescribe a Learning Journey

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A Talent Management Solution for Attracting, Selecting, and Developing Top Performers.

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Predictor of Potential (POP) Assessments predict both Performance & Retention

What is a POP Assessment?

Predictor of Potential ‘POP’ stands for ‘Predictor of Potential’ as it predicts both Performance & Retention of employees.

It adds value to your current process by leveraging people analytics to validate the tool.

It will help you make better informed decisions about who to hire, who to promote, and who will perform well in a different or expanded role in your organization.

POP Best Sellers

SUPERPOP (SPOP): Relationship or Competitive Sales
LEADERPOP (LDP): Senior Leadership
MANAGEMENTPOP (MPP): Middle Management
PROFESSIONALPOP (PCP): Individual Contributors


SERVICEPOP (CCP): Front Line Customer Service Reps

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POP Assessment Pricing and Links

0-1,000 Assessments: $58
1,000 to 2,000 Assessments: $51
2,000+ Assessments: $44

Screens and Simulations

0-1,000 Screens/Simulations: $22
1,000 to 2,000 Screens/Simulations: $15
2,000 + Screens/Simulations: $8


Organizational Effectiveness Survey, Engagement, Positive Work, Diversity and Inclusion, 360’s, e exit, e stay, Corporate Vital signs

$12 per input;
$60 per report;
$3,600 for basic customization and set up.

Customize, Deliver and Measure Results

  • Execute training plans.
  • Measure the success of the training by providing quantitative feedback at every stage.
  • Utilize Instructor Led Training, Virtual Instructor Led Training, and e-learning.