Building Generational IQ™


Length in Days: 0.5

Program Leader Level: All

Online Option: No
Minimum Class Size: 8
Maximum Class Size: 20
Facilitators: 1
Assessments: Not Applicable

Up to 8 Participants: $9,513


Building Generational IQ Course

Building Generational IQ is essential for the success of your company since it promotes fresh new ideas. Millennials continue to alter the job landscape, generational diversity continues to get the attention it deserves. Therefore, generational IQ emphasizes the importance of an employee’s ability to work cohesively across a generational workplace.

Having a diverse generation working in a team can be beneficial to the company since they have different perspectives and different life experiences. They can be more innovative when they share their ideas and solve problems better. Having different generations will also help the company target a wide age range of customers since they’ll understand the different needs of each customer. It’s also a great opportunity for each generation to learn from each other and understand generational differences.

Who is the Building Generational IQ for?

This course is for anyone who wants to help their organization develops a generational quotient so that all workers can flourish in an inclusive environment that embraces age diversity.

For more information about generational IQ, please check out this article on Harvard Business Review, and this blog from our website.

What will you accomplish?

In this course you will learn:

  • Understand the principles of generational IQ and how it impacts staff, customers, and society at large
  • Distinguish the expectations and general preferences of the five generations currently found in the workplace
  • Have a better awareness of personal preconceptions and biases at play, and how to manage these

What is Generational IQ?

This concept refers to the ability to work cohesively across a generational workplace. Millennials have truly altered the job landscape in recent times, and generational diversity continues to get the attention it deserves. Therefore, companies look forward to the possibilities that Generation Z will bring & acknowledge that intergenerational differences can create lower engagement among employees, and a rise in turnover among staff.


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