Generational IQ For The Workplace

What is Generational IQ?

This concept refers to the ability to work cohesively across a generational workplace. Millennials have truly altered the job landscape in recent times, and generational diversity continues to get the attention it deserves. Therefore, companies look forward to the possibilities that Generation Z will bring & acknowledge that intergenerational differences can create lower engagement among employees, and a rise in turnover among staff. 

The following measures need to be implemented to help your organization develop a generational quotient so that all workers can flourish in an inclusive environment that embraces age diversity:

Understanding generational differences

Developing Generation IQ for an organization requires it to recognize that generational differences can impact how employees interact, how they work together, how they deal with feedback, and how they motivate each other concerning leadership. Conflicts are often cited as being the consequence of personality differences.

Communicating mindfully and motivating effectively

There are many motivators within each generation. The communication preferences of each generation are different and the frequency with which feedback is sought and their attitude toward teamwork. Organizations and managers need to know and respect each generation to use the right communication methods and motivators.

Empathize and rationalize

Workers may be able to empathize with and rationalize their workplace behaviors better if they believe that they are different in certain aspects from people of other generations. The organization must model inclusive behavior to build empathy and respect towards those of another generation by cultivating in its employees a culture of inclusion.

Generational IQ Course:

To ensure all these measures are taking place in your organization P2L has brought you the course you need!

Skills taught in this course


  • Determine the basic assumptions and expectations for the five generations at the workplace today.
  • Understand personal preconceptions and biases and how to manage them
  • Work to build an inclusive workplace where employees of any generation can contribute fully.
  • How generational IQ impacts staff, customers, and society as a whole.

    Thus, it is critical to understand the views and values to increase one’s appreciation of the other. This can be taken care of and taught through the Generational IQ course offered by P2L in no time in case your organization is lacking in that area!.


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