Closing The Gender Gap in Leadership

closing the gender gap in leadership


The world is rapidly changing and there is a growing recognition of the importance of diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of life. An area where this transformation is crucial is in leadership roles. The gender gap in leadership has been eminent for the longest time, but efforts are being made to bridge this divide and create a more equitable future.


To help women in leadership connect with like-minded people, we’ve partnered with Leadership Makerspace. Leadership Makerspace helps close the gender gap in leadership. They do that by ‘making space’ for those who identify as women to learn, connect, and co-create effective ways of leading for today’s world. The Leadership Makerspace is accessible, affordable, and offers on-the-go learning to meet women where they are in their lifestyle and leadership journey.


Leadership Makerspace works with women from all kinds of leadership sectors. They help women by:


  • Increasing accessibility to leadership development through affordable, flexible, and personalized learning
  • Improving competencies through action-oriented, skills-based learning and ongoing support for implementation
  • Increasing growth through ongoing learning in a web-based learning portal, mobile app, and monthly LIVE group coaching
  • Decreasing isolation through membership in a community of other aspiring, new, and current women leaders
  • Expanding professional network for increased mentoring and sponsorship opportunities


It’s time to create a path where women’s voices echo through boardrooms, governments, and every sphere of influence. Let’s redefine what leadership means.

To know more about Leadership Makerspace, you can contact us here or check their website here.

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