How to Motivate Your Employees

The sudden transition from working face-to-face to working virtually had a huge impact on a lot of companies. Many of them weren’t prepared and unsure of how to manage teams who are working remotely.


Teams working efficiently post conflict management course


Successful employees are led by leaders who push and motivate them to do better. But how do you motivate and encourage your employees who are working remotely? This can be tough for the company leaders and the business might suffer from disengaged employees.


Here are 5 simple ways to motivate your employees who are working remotely.


  1. Improve overall communication

Communication is one of the biggest challenges for employees working remotely. If the communication strategy does not focus on ensuring clarity in communication, this may result in a large communication gap among employees.


To combat the communication gap among employees, encourage the use of instant messaging platforms for quick and informal conversations. Establish regular check-ins to keep your team connected and clear about what’s happening. Allow them to talk to you and be open and approachable in your attitude to communication.


     2. Set clear goals

Your employees will feel more motivated to do a task when they know and understand the vision and goals of their job. This encourages everyone to work together as a team to achieve better results.


     3. Recognize employee efforts and achievements

Recognition of your employee’s efforts and achievements will boost their confidence and motivate them to do better. They will feel a sense of accomplishment that will help them engage better with their team and the company. Sending an online gift card for exceptional productivity is also a great way to show you care and appreciate them going the extra mile.


     4. Give feedback

Giving feedback is sometimes overlooked and deemed unnecessary, but employees need feedback to grow and improve.


You can offer a one-on-one session with your managers and discuss employee performance. Since the one-on-one session will be virtual, you have to be careful with your tone and choice of words. Avoid being stern when giving feedback, instead be calm and understanding. Be authentic and honest about the feedback as well. “Sugar coating” does not help anyone.


     5. Give your employees space

It’s hard to know what your employees are doing when you can’t see them right in front of you. see them right before A lot of managers tend to micromanage because of this, but this can stifle productivity.


Giving them space and autonomy, will show that you trust them to finish their work on time. This can also help employees find more efficient ways to finish tasks that are handed to them.


It is possible to keep your employees engaged and motivated even if they’re working from home. Adopt some of these suggested techniques and you’ll have a team of motivated employees who are ready to grow and succeed together.


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