Unconscious Biases


Duration: 3 hours

Program Level: All

Online Option: Only – Open Enrolment

Course Dates:

May 6th, 2021 9 am et to 12 pm et

August 1oth, 1 pm et to 4 pm et

November 11th, 9 am et to 12 pm et

Per Participant Pricing: $280 CAD


a woman holding a laptop expresses an unconscious bias
“This person is young. They may be lazy.”

Unconscious biases refer to beliefs or prejudices that we may hold in favor of or against certain individuals or groups outside of our awareness. People are naturally biased. Even when we mean to be fair, our brains can remain impartial. Since we process a lot of information everyday consciously and unconsciously, we make mental shortcuts. This allows us to process information quicker.

In order to tackle unconscious bias in the workplace, asses where biases are likely to affect your company. Biases happen when hiring, promoting and assigning work. By knowing where it can occur, you can make sure biases are thought of before making decisions in those areas. Hold your employees accountable and encourage them to speak as well. Involve more people when making decisions.

P2L’s unconscious biases course will teach attendees to unlearn their hidden prejudices in an effort to create a harmonious work environment.

For more information about unconscious bias, please refer to this blog post from P2L, as well as this post.


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