Security Engineering on Amazon Web Services


Duration: 3 Days

Program Level: System Operators.

Online Option: Only – Open Enrolment.


AWS Technical Essentials.

Follow-on Certification:


Course Dates:

Sep 21-23, 2022

Oct 5-7, 2022

Oct 12-14, 2022

Per Participant Pricing: $2,400 CAD


A woman is holding a laptop in front of a server room with the caption SysOps on AWS on the right side of the screen. She is taking the P2L Systems Engineering on AWS course.

Security Engineering on AWS

Are you passionate about information and technology system security? Tell you what, security engineering is an outstanding career choice for you! Read on to find out all about security engineering and how you can train yourself as a security engineer for the AWS cloud. AWS is a rising tech giant with loads of job opportunities FOR YOU!

You want to calibrate your security engineering skills with the cloud. Doing so will not only qualify you for a variety of high-paying jobs but also set you up for a progressive career path that will add the success fuel to your career.

Let’s first learn about security engineers and find out what important roles they perform that are financially and spiritually rewarding.

What do security engineers do?

Security engineers are responsible for the development and supervision of data as well as technical security systems. Their main focus is to prevent breaches and data leaks associated with cybercrime by building firewalls and intrusion detection systems. The mass movement of organizations from physical infrastructure to the cloud necessitates robust information security systems. Security engineers are also called information assurance engineers, and information systems security engineers.

Responsibilities of Security Engineers

  1. Keeping sensitive data safe from taps, breaches, and leaks.
  2. Protecting organizational data, finances, and reputations by securing financial records, client information, and all other types of confidential information.
  3. Working with a team of cybersecurity professionals, including security analysts, penetration testers, and technology managers.
  4. Detecting, investigating, and preventing security attacks.
  5.  Resolve problems with technology such as IT software and equipment.
  6. Installing firewalls, and implementing breach detection systems.
  7. Conducting assessments, testing security systems, and analyzing risks.

Security Operations on AWS is right for you!

P2L has partnered up with Amazon Web Services to create the perfect course for current and/or aspiring Security Engineers.

In case you are completely new to AWS, here is a link to the introductory course Essentials for Getting Started – AWS Technical Essentials course that you can begin with. You can become an AWS Sytems Operator even if you do not know anything about AWS. The foundational course introduces you to the AWS platform from where you can go pretty much anywhere. Here is a great blog post about the beginner AWS course to get you off on the right foot.

For more information, please follow this link to getting started on Amazon Web Services section of the Amazon website, as well as this P2L blog on Security Engineering on AWS.


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