Elite Commander: Soft Skills with a Hard Twist.


To say we’re in the age of video games is an understatement. Esports, streaming, and sold-out consoles are all the rage nowadays. As popular culture becomes more and more video game-oriented, why can’t our workplace do the same? 

(It can)

P2L is proud to announce our latest, most innovative project to date,

Elite Commander.


“Wait…what is elite commander?”

Man questioning himself and wondering with doubtful face expression
We’re glad you asked. 

Elite Commander is a custom game designed by our in-house programming team. Its core focus aims to teach necessary soft skills utilized by effective people. Things like leading a team, public speaking, and more will be taught in real-time by a team of five virtual characters. Hence the slogan, “Elite Commander: Soft Skills with a Hard Twist.”

“Am I one of the characters?”

We’re glad you asked (again).

You take up the role of the leader of a team that consists of a gunner, sniper, and medic. 

You’ll lead these characters through a variety of harrowing scenarios. Missions that teach the player valuable lessons on different leadership styles, how to effectively work with your team, and the importance of unity in the workplace. 

With meticulously crafted characters and multiple outcomes per event. Each scenario requires the player to use a different leadership style.

The interactive nature of “Elite Commander” will teach workplace soft skills in a unique way.  Think “The seven habits of highly effective people” mixed with “On becoming a leader” all piled into an accessible (and fun) game. 


Similarly, if you like the educational concept of Elite Commander yet want different execution, p2l also offers custom game development.

This service has your company working with our programmers to create a custom game of your choice. It could range anywhere from company training to virtual seminars to announcements. 

The era of gaming is upon us. Stay ahead of the curve with Elite Commander(soft skills with a hard twist).

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