Your Game, Your Rules

The idea that soft skills must be taught in the work environment has become less and less prevalent. Now, the rise of virtual reality and accessible 3D games is taking the forefront. Accessing this market is vital, and building a new workplace training culture by creating your game, your rules.


Ever since the release of “Descent”, the first ever 3D game; the market has exploded. 3D games give players the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new world. Think escapism to the max, or any 80s dungeons and dragons players dream. 

Descent on

With this kind of technology at our fingertips, a question of education should be raised. The staple of any good product is its ability to better mankind. While certain games only serve as escapist time eaters, an era of productive gaming is on the rise.


The custom 3D game system is designed to inform. Whether you create one for your school board curriculum, or training in the workplace. This concept is the push 3D games need for practical value. 


Services regarding a custom game are limited, and most medium-small sized businesses haven’t caught wind of it yet. With this in mind, having a custom training game will give you a competitive edge in workplace quality of life. 


P2L offers a custom 3D game service helmed by our experienced programming team. This process will take your school board or business through a 6 month – year long process of storyboarding and game development. All done by professionals but overlooked by you.

Your game will be curated within the unity engine, which is used for popular games like Cuphead, Rust, and Cities: Skyline.

Gamification is a revolutionary concept. Reinventing how you train your staff has never been more accessible. 

The possibilities are endless. With the bottom line being: your game, your rules.

For more information contact us here for a quote.

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