Set up an AI Chatbot for Your Company

OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT has become popular since it launched last November 2022. In five days, more than a million people signed up and put it to the test. The answers they obtained from ChatGPT were fascinating compared to answers they got from chatbots in the past. 


AI Chatbot for Your Company


Imagine making an AI chatbot for your company. This AI chatbot can answer every question the customer could possibly have about your product or service. Companies that create their own AI chatbot could boost customer engagement and attract new customers. Customers are more likely to purchase your product because they understand it and know how to use it.


The good news is you can set up an AI chatbot for your company even if you don’t have any experience in coding. 


Introducing P2L’s Setting up an AI Chat like ChatGPT for Your Company – Hands-on Experience for No-code/Low-code Users Course.


This course is designed to be accessible to beginners, so advanced technical or programming experience is not required. However, familiarity and experience with low code/no code platforms and block builder drag and drop are highly recommended to attain before taking the course.


The course aims to equip no-code/low-code users with the knowledge and hands-on experience to successfully set up and deploy an AI chatbot like ChatGPT for their companies. This course will run for 6-8 hours. It will discuss everything from introduction to AI and chatbots, identifying company specific AI chatbot needs, training and customizing your AI chatbot, to implementing and monitoring your AI chatbot.


Interested in creating an AI chatbot for your company? Contact us here or read about all the AI courses we offer here

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