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Spring is everywhere: Core Training in VMware Spring

Why Spring?

Spring makes programming Java easier, quicker, and safer for everybody. Spring’s focus on speed, simplicity, and productivity has made it a popular Java framework.

Spring Benefits

  • Makes it easier to build and run your microservices in production at scale.
  • Enables developers to build enterprise-grade reactive systems that are responsive, resilient, elastic, and message-driven.
  • The Spring Cloud suite of projects contains many of the services you need to make your applications run in the cloud.
  • It streamlines the development of server-side HTML applications, REST APIs, and bidirectional, event-based systems.
  • You can concentrate on writing application code while the underlying platform takes care of scaling, runtimes, resource allocation, security, and other “server” specifics.
  • Spring has a number of event-driven options to choose from, from integration and streaming all the way to cloud functions and data flows.

  • You can build mission-critical batch applications.

VMware Spring - About the Course

VMware Spring training is easily available and accessible.

P2L has partnered up with VMware to offer a 4-day VMware Spring: Core Training course just for you! Get hands-on experience with the major features of Spring and Spring Boot, including configuration, REST, security, AOP, auto-configuration, data access, actuator, and Spring testing framework to build enterprise and microservices applications. Create enterprise and cloud-ready applications on your own!

The course focuses on the following skills:

  • Spring configuration using Java Configuration and Annotations
  • Aspect-oriented programming with Spring
  • Testing Spring applications using JUnit 5
  • Spring Data Access - JDBC, JPA, and Spring Data
  • Spring Transaction Management
  • Simplifying application development with Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot auto-configuration, starters, and properties
  • Build a simple REST application using Spring Boot, embedded Web Server, and fat JARs or classic WARs
  • Implementing REST client applications using RestTemplate and WebClient Spring Security
  • Enable and extend metrics and monitoring capabilities using Spring Boot actuator
  • Utilize Spring Boot enhancements to testing

Who Can Benefit from this course?

Application developers who want to increase their understanding of Spring and Spring Boot with hands-on experience and a focus on fundamentals.

Prerequisite course: Some developer experience using Java, an IDE (Eclipse, STS, or IntelliJ), and build tools such as Maven or Gradle.

Begin your journey and contact P2L today for more information on this course.


Schedule (as of 2 )

Course Dates

Aug 17, 2021 – Aug 20, 2021 
Sep 14, 2021 – Sep 17, 2021 
Sep 28, 2021 – Oct 1, 2021 

Oct 19, 2021 – Oct 22, 2021 
Nov 9, 2021 – Nov 12, 2021 
Dec 7, 2021 – Dec 10, 2021 
Dec 28, 2021 – Dec 31, 2021

Contact P2L for more info. 

VMware Spring Professional 2021

The Spring Professional certification is designed to test and validate your understanding of and familiarity with core aspects of Spring and Spring Boot such as Configuration, Component-scanning, AOP, Data access and Transactions, REST, Spring Security, Auto-configuration, Actuator, Spring Boot Testing.

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