SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition



What is SAP?


SAP is one of the leading producers of software for the management of business processes, developing solutions that facilitate effective data processing and information flow across organizations.


What is SAP Learning Hub?


SAP Learning Hub is a digital learning solution that supports learners to build and maintain SAP software skills. It provides online, collaborative, hands-on, and expert-led training to upskill across the SAP solution portfolio. 


SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition


Who is this course for?


This course is for SAP professionals, like consultants, administrators, developers and those involved in SAP software implementation or deployment.


What will you learn from this course?


  • Build and maintain SAP software skills across the SAP solution portfolio with expert-led online, collaborative, and hands-on training.
  • Benefit from the flexibility to learn what, where, and how you want.
  • Maximize the SAP software adoption and return on investment


The professional edition of SAP Learning Hub offers 12 months access to:

  • Visual SAP Learning Journey guides illustrating recommended paths to solution competency.
  • Self-paced digital learning content in various formats and languages, including e-learning courses, e-books, knowledge assessments.
  • SAP expert-led live sessions and peer-to-peer learning experiences in SAP Learning Rooms.
  • 60 hours of access per year to SAP learning systems.
  • Access to stay current learning content and assessments to keep learners’ skills up-to-date.


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