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Level Up With PeopleSoft Absence Management Rel 9.2

Did you know on average an employee is absent for 11.6 days per year in Canada? Absenteeism is a term used to describe absences at the workplace that are avoidable, habitual, and unscheduled. Such untimely absences disrupt operations, work schedules, and output. Ultimately, they end up being costly to organizations and the economy as a whole. Most organizations opt for certain policies and procedures to reduce employee absenteeism. This process is called absence management.

Why do we need absence management?

Don’t you feel frustrated when one of your co-workers calls in sick at the last moment? Having to do their work too adds to your deliverables and makes the day extremely hectic. These situations often burden employees with extra responsibilities to fill in for absent coworkers. But what can you really say to someone who’s feeling unwell or has suffered an injury, right? Such reasons make it difficult for managers to monitor and reduce absenteeism. This is why we need a framework to regulate employee absenteeism and manage their attendance. Oracle’s PeopleSoft has solutions to these problems.

What is PeopleSoft Absence Management?

PeopleSoft by Oracle is a versatile software application that has an array of workforce management tools. Absence Management is an application of PeopleSoft which allows managers and employers to automate the processes for planning and compensating paid time off for different types of leave days such as annual, sick, casual, parental, and others for the employees. PeopleSoft Absence Management provides a portal for both employees and employers to raise and approve absence requests respectively. In case, an employee is unable to raise a request, the admin can also do so on their behalf.

What is PeopleSoft Absence Management Rel 9.2 about?

PeopleSoft Absence Management Rel 9.2 is a course that teaches students about the functions of the PeopleSoft Absence Management software. It focuses on giving students a great understanding of absence rules, recording and processing absences. If you’re an employee who needs to learn a software application that keeps a timely record of your days or if you’re an HR personnel who wants to work on a tool that can track and calculate employee leave days, PeopleSoft Absence Management Rel 9.2 is just the course for you. Read on to learn more.

Who is this course for?

  • HR Administrator
  • End-User (Employees)
  • Implementer
  • Manager

What is the duration of the course?

The course is five days long.

What will you learn?

  • Create rules for tracking employee absence time.
  • Define accrual policies.
  • Report absences and process absences.
  • Review processing results.
  • Make adjustments to accruals.
  • Correct reported absence data.
  • Create rules that track the time that payees are out sick, on vacation, or absent for other reasons.
  • Define the conditions that must be met before absences can be paid.
  • Build a processing framework.

What are the benefits?

Become more effective at managing absence reporting and forecasting processes to meet your organization’s business requirements. Gain a better understanding of the integration of absence data with payroll.

What skills will you gain?

  • Create organizational, processing, and calendar frameworks.
  • Build rules for tracking absences and accrued time off.
  • Create and assign work schedules.
  • Enter absences and forecast entitlement.
  • Process absences and view the results.
  • Adjust entitlement balances.
  • Send absence data to your payroll system.
  • Describe self-service absence functionality.

What is the course outline?

  • Creating Schedules
  • Defining Common Characteristics of Absence Elements
  • Defining Absence Take and Absence Entitlement Elements
  • Setting Up Supporting Elements
  • Defining the Organizational and Processing Frameworks
  • Setting Up Calendars
  • Entering and Processing Absences
  • Viewing and Controlling Absence Processing Results
  • Overriding Supporting Elements
  • Adjusting Frequency-Based Entitlement
  • Generating Positive Input for Payroll
  • Defining Absence-Based Entitlements and Takes
  • Defining Extended Absences
  • Implementing Absence Take Features
  • Defining Forecasting and Balance Inquiry Processes
  • Using Leave Donations
  • Managing Iterative Processing
  • Implementing Segmentation
  • Sending Absence Data to Payroll
  • Processing Retroactivity
  • Processing Off-Cycle Transactions
  • Describing the Use of Schedules
  • Explaining Schedule Groups
  • Creating Work Schedules
  • Viewing Schedule Calendars
  • Validating Schedule Changes
  • Describing Holiday Schedules
  • Explaining Methods of Assigning Work Schedules


Wouldn’t it be a lot easier if you have a software application that helps increase company productivity and decreases costs by monitoring employee absenteeism? This will benefit the organization as a whole when employees know exactly how many leave days they have in their account before sending absence requests to their managers.

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