IBM Infosphere Datastage

IBM: InfoSphere DataStage Essentials- The course every business needs!

Are you a Project Administrator or an ETL developer who is responsible for data extraction and transformation using DataStage?

If that is what your day-to-day career or lifestyle looks like then P2L has the perfect  IBM InfoSphere DataStage Essentials course for you.

What is IBM Infosphere DataStage?

IBM Information Platforms Solutions is an ETL tool comprising the IBM InfoSphere product suite. It enables building data integration solutions utilizing graphical representation. There are three versions: the Server Edition, the Enterprise Edition, and MVS. It is supported by a client-server architecture. The servers can be deployed on both Unix and Windows platforms.

It is a powerful data integration tool, frequently used in Data Warehousing projects to prepare the data for the generation of reports.

What is the course: IBM InfoSphere DataStage Essentials

Project administrators and ETL developers will acquire the skills needed in this course to develop parallel jobs. The main emphasis will be on developers, so only administrative functions relevant to the data stage developers will be discussed. By combining and transforming data, students can create parallel jobs that access both sequential and relational records.

Are there any prerequisites?

In order to be eligible to attend this course, the candidate must have a basic level of knowledge of the Windows operating system or be familiar with the database access techniques.

Important Skills Learned
The essential skills that will be taught through this course consist of the following:

  • Options for Information Server and DataStage
  •  DataStage system uses
  • How to use the Information Server Web Console
  • Importing and exporting DataStage objects
  • Compile, run, and monitor parallel DataStage jobs
  • Create jobs that read from and write to sequential files
  • Parallel processing architecture for DataStage
  • Organize and design jobs that combine, join, and lookup data and aggregate it.
  • Develop complex business logic
  • Debugging DataStage jobs


If Data Storage is something that you are interested in, this course will teach you everything about it. However, if you are new to IBM and would like to learn more about it before jumping into any course, check out this IBM FUNDAMENTALS BLOG. It has all the fundamental knowledge you need to know related to IBM.

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